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Online Casino Canada

It was set to spend more time with me in the bathroom, but then it grew tired of me and decided to spread its wings and fly away. It left me with my thoughts, where would it land.

He couldn’t help but smile, all he had to do was think about the cuties that were waiting for him and waiting to feast on his dick! Frank rolled over and slept better than he had in awhile.

Online Casino Canada

It wasn’t his sleeping. It was more like a hallucination. It was his cousin scott. He looked at the clock, its 8:30. He used to wake up to robert at 6:30 because he was the designated driver, but Robert worked shifts and so he got the kids to and from school and now he was free to sleep all day.

So Frank thought. He went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee and turned on the television with the sound off. A commercial came on for the new Harry Potter movie. Oh you‘re a fan of the book then? No he wasn’t. He didn’t even know anything about the book or the author before the movie came out. In fact, he’d read the book before but never got around to seeing the movie.

Still, he was a fan of the part Harry plays in the movie. There was a Harry Potter video game on the shelf beside him. He’d played it all the time when he was a kid. It was his favorite video game until his parents bought him a gameboy and he was able to save the world, by manipulating the time turner.

He couldn’t remember why he didn’t like the idea of time travel but he didn’t want to play the game anymore because he hated when he got into the game and had to wander around the castle, looking for clues, with no way of stopping himself from doing it.

He turned the television off and went to the bathroom to have his morning poop and pee in the same toilet. As he closed the door, he left the TV on. He checked out the room, it was big enough. It even had a mirror on the ceiling.

He felt annoyed. He was ready for bed, the kids would be down soon

Online Casino Canada

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