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Online Casino Canada

Elk in winter (southern) or in summer (northern) spend their days grazing in areas with excellent forage.

The sunwarmed earth, aka, green space. Snowshoe hare.

Online Casino Canada

They are usually nocturnal and rely on their long ears to detect impending threats. Their large ears and triangular tail help them steer around tree trunks and brush. The ear movements are so fine-tuned that they can even detect the speed of a passing insect.

Cheetahs share the same prey as lions, but they don’t rely on them for meat. Cheetahs generally hunt alone, using stealth, speed, and a tremendous burst of acceleration.

The cheetah can cover more ground per hour than any other land animal. A running cheetah can cover 30 to miles per hour.

The cheetah is small and muscular, weighing only This site uses cookies to offer you the best online experience.

Uncover paradise in the Amazon Jungle with the help of these ten animal trivia questions.

A Red Panda is a small mammal belonging to the panda family. The red panda, unlike other panda species, has a smoky, cinnamon-colored coat that blends in with the forest.

A Red Panda is not toxic, as panda cubs are. However, red pandas are vulnerable to disease from fleas, flies and ticks. They also need a regular supply of food such as bamboo, leaves and nectar.

A Red Panda is native to many lowland provinces in southern China, including Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Guizhou.

The name panda comes from the Cantonese pronunciation of the word bao-nan dao, which means “bear-cat”.

Online Casino Canada

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