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Poker machines are everywhere. The kind that cost thousands of dollars to play and promise the best odds in the world. The kind that eat your money, leave you with nothing and then take all your money back just when you think it’s over. Check out our top picks from Geeks Domains.

The only way a slot machine could be more controversial is if it’s gambling at all. And that’s a pretty controversial subject these days, with the country’s economic climate, the way states handle their gambling operations and the way gambling is viewed in the press and online.

Online Casino Canada

The bottom line, though, remains the same. Slot machines, the fast-growing but not-so-well-understood pastime in many parts of the country, are popular and profitable. But they‘re also, for many, the devil they know. We asked three experts for their input.

Slot Machine Profits – Real Money Playing Online

Online Casino Canada

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Some people rely on them to make a living, and we realize that they are a great way to make a couple of bucks at a time. We also know they are a middling way to make a decent income, and we don’t see much opportunity for true, large-scale profits.

Another good reason to steer clear of the high-volume, low-margin casinos is that slot machines themselves are a mediocre way to make money.

While that is true, and it’s the reason that most of the slots gambling industry’s profits go to the states – which also happen to be the ones with the most restrictive gambling laws – it’s not the reason why slot machines are popular.

But then, what is? Why are they so popular? And why is gambling on them so frequently considered such a misunderstood and even maligned activity?

In a word, familiarity. Some of the most popular slot games – the types that can also be found

Online Casino Canada

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