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Others could see the machine manufacturer wasn’t completely successful on that contract and decided it wasn’t a good fit.

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The mine was the largest of its kind in the city of Cianjur. Officers said that at 05:00 the crack team of soldiers commanded by Lt.

Sgt. Eleuterio Sumarani Sarda was able to storm the access point of the mine and recover seven bodies, which had been buried since the operation of the mine had been suspended, and one of the owners of the mine.

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The mayor of Cianjur, Mr Bimalto Wiranto, said in a statement that the Cianjur and Jakarta government were “saddened by the accident” and wished the best for those killed.

Dieser Beitrag besitzt keinen Schriftzug.

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It was found that Radica, whose capital is London, was intending to buy the mine from Big Wave Rag.

The last time the entrance of the mine was flooded was on March 4. The salt mines in Cianjur are usually called Vatacesque or Cianjur salt mines and can be identified by the point of the mast.

In the larger sites there are plastic pipes holding salt water under the floors. The salt is extracted and stored in huge vats until it is shipped to about a dozen factories that process and market it as a tasty snack.

The legal operation of the mine ended with government regulation in November, after one of the owners of the mine, Big Wave Rag, was prosecuted for bribing public officials and convicted in November by a Jakarta court.

Mines were turned into giant vats, with the excess water poured down the mine. Collectively, the facilities are called mine pits. The mine was an operations was owned and operated by Bayauw Group, which also owns and operates the Barito Sapi mine in West Java.

The mine was on land owned by the Baturaden mining company, while the salt processing and transport operations were owned by Big Wave Rag.

The mine can be considered as an underground manmade cave in the sediment of the natural salt flats of the coast of Cianjur.

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