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I may be leaving this blog for a while, and just wanted to say that I’m still around and plan to be a regular commentator. Just trying to take a step back from the daily grind as much as I can right now, and not just at work. Anyway, just thought this would be a good opportunity to re-cap some of the events of the last couple years and hopefully give some insight for what will be in store next.

I’m trying to make one post per week, but I am not sure I’ll be able to do that on a consistent basis. But after some thought I realized that the blog will live on regardless as I’ll have the anecdotes and big picture stuff in the book. The book comes out in about 2 months, and I will still be working and blogging when it comes out.

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I’m looking to put together a book that will be a culmination of my blog, so expect a couple of posts a week after the book comes out that will be a refresher of sorts.

I’m going to try and do a book once a year at least, and right now I’m thinking about 2019 book.

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Bit of background for those that missed out the first time around. I started this blog in June or so in response to a friend of mine that asked me what i was doing with my life. I was still working and doing consulting stuff for a living (yay consulting), but I was getting bored with the industry and I thought it was time to try something else and see what happened.

So I started writing more about what I was thinking and doing, was getting feedback from my peers, friends, family and everything. I learned a lot through doing this, but I also learned that it wasn’t working and I wasn’t happy.

Why in the world would you go through all of that to end up with the same place at the end of the day? I was still working and doing things I was a little bit proud of, but it just wasn’t good enough and I was going backwards.

That’s what lead me to starting Freelance Blogging. It started off by providing a very simple means to solve a very simple problem, which was to start my own business and make money by doing something I loved. It was working really well for about 2 years.

But it wasn’t sustainable, and I eventually had to admit that I was going to keep

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