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Open the front door, insert your usernames you used when opening the Mainframe mailbox. If you are on v30 and use the “Create a missing package key” function to create a new key, then you also need to access the missing key. The Process Overview. The process of creating a missing key and recovering the data depends on the version of the mainframe you are using and the ability of the operator.

If the operator is not a mainframe system programmer or has not used this process, then there will be only incomplete details as described below.

Online Casino Canada

Ideally, a customer would not have access to any functional information on the mainframe system or access to any files, no matter what. The steps, in order, are as follows. You will need the user login or user id, the missing package key, the name of the installation file and the name of the mainframe slot. The step sequence is an ideal sequence to go through, but not always does a mainframe programmer go through each step.

There may be an easier way to do this. This document details the steps taken by an operator. With the proper knowledge of how to create a missing key and recover data on the mainframe, the mainframe is in effect, self-recovering.

Online Casino Canada

The Recovery Process. Create Missing Key. Check View File. If the file is not found, you will receive a message that it was not found. Depending on the version of the mainframe you are working with, you might be able to read the data by using a MVS Read Online command.

This is a function provided on the mainframe where you enter the missing key, the mainframe path where you can find the missing file and the data that you want to extract from the mainframe.

If the file is not found, you will receive a message that it was not found. Choose View File. When you have read in your files to your local filesystem on your PC, you can then search for the missing file and read in the data you want.

Or, you can directly view the missing file without having to place files in place. The process starts when you first noticed that a file was missing and ends with the missing file on the local hard disk. Depending on the version of the mainframe

Online Casino Canada

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