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He tweeted “Why do black women live in the suburbs and white women stay in the city with their men” and the post was liked by an individual going by the name of The Joker. According to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination, Nixon had a meeting with US and Soviet officials in the Oval Office on January 27, which The Joker was at. The Joker would later tell the Special Prosecutor that the Watergate burglary was an exaggerated defense of his golf swing in the shadows of the Lincoln bedroom. The Joker liked to pose and pat his backside through a rolled-up newspapers and the cartoonists gave him a pair of devilish horns.

His movements were supposedly in real time and were highly coordinated with the White House guests.

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He would go to the bathroom with the president and wash his hands with scented paper towels. He would playfully walk behind the guests, pull off his shoes and roll around the carpet.

He was also known for declaring “I am the Joker” and posed for photos with the assembled guests.

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The Joker has been accused of being a psychopathic serial killer. He often had deceased people arrested or roughed up.

He was described by Warner Bros. as “a radical zealot” and “a nihilistic anarchist”. In the comics he is a murderous, psychopathic criminal, part of a gang led by the main villains Two-Face and Harley Quinn, who have a partnership as romantic antagonists in the stories.

Essentially, as the Joker lived in a Batman universe, the Joker is fascinated by madness, and caused it. His twisted schemes often include games of chance. When the Joker first appears, he is self-admittedly a criminal. However, in his first three appearances, he does not appear to be physically menacing.

The origin of his assumed name is uncertain. There are many different theories, but his name was an inspiration for Howard Hughes himself, who created a profile of a famous American tycoon named Jerome, who sounded similar to an unpronounceable “Joker”.

The Joker is the most famous and widely recognized villain in the DC Comics universe, and has appeared in many adaptations and media forms. A slapstick villain and anti-hero

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