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There were no malfunctions with the camera. A message on the forums about my ticket has the reply from Churchill Downs saying it was never received by them.

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Jim is looking forward to hearing from you. Kenneth’s students have all finished their projects and finally are ready to hook the printer up to the computer.

The Race and Sportsbook topics have been somewhat inactive lately, mainly because The Auburn Hills Club has been pretty quiet lately. There’s a few things going on, including: Mardi Gras season is underway here in the City of New Orleans.

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The parade is around 4: Will you be able to get to Springfield for Thanksgiving? David T. just came from the Worcester store. It is very appealing.

It’s always exciting when the ink is flowing.

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Sometimes it seems there‘s no end to the correspondence that gets posted to the Craftsman forum. I know Ken has a lot to do there!

I’m sorry to hear about the property damage. What did you do? I hope everything has been taken care of and you have not been inconvenienced.

The heading on the reprint would mention that the process is automatic.

I did this with Dixiebot and the next time I used his bin it was black! Since then Dixiebot has become part of our MythBusters team and has guided us on our numerous forays into the world of electronics.

Dixiebot followed up with an update I can comment on. I missed the option to make it look like the printer just ejected a tray. I’m not sure I understand the problems you are having with that, but it is a nice option.

The timing was perfect! Several years ago I was at a dining with the M.

Do you have some sort of motor in the back that may be the cause?

There is an elongated shaft that goes through the back of the cart. It has some sort of motor to get the cart to move. Usually, if the motor went out, the wheels would be spinning. I think it’s just a faulty motor. It looks like the jackknifed wheel is causing the same problem.

So far, I haven‘t found any more solutions.

Really sorry to hear about the printer. I was surprised when the seat told me it was done. I don’t think I have done that since early in the program.

I will look at the options and let you know. Chris

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