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It is a common belief that women live longer on average than men. This, of course, is not a fact.

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It is true that on average, women have a relatively more benign course of diseases. But why? Maybe, and this is only one of several theories, that there are underlying biological differences.

The point is that all of this is neither here nor there.

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We are talking about the an alternative life expectancy for women, the point that is made by Leslie Moran. And he points to the fact that women, unlike men, do not get influenza at higher rates than men.

Of course, this fact has nothing to do with life expectancy. Men and women get influenza at about the same rates, and this has nothing to do with any difference in susceptibility to the virus.

The reason is social — women, unlike men, do not tend to go to work when they are sick. So, they are more likely to stay home, dry their noses, and feel less miserable and suffer less than their male counterparts.

Just as women are less likely to suffer heart disease, they are also less likely to take sick leave from work. And just as women pay more and get lower-paying jobs than men, they also tend to be more likely to take leave from work when they are sick than men.

The fact that women tend to, and do, live longer does not speak to any physical differences between men and women, or any biological differences between the sexes. Life expectancy is as much a social construct as anything else.

Many people — even some who work in bio-medicine — believe there are biological differences between men and women in terms of how we work physiologically.

Some differences have been found in recent years, the most well known of which is likely testosterone.

Women have relatively higher levels of testosterone than men — as much as 20 times as much, depending on the age of the woman, and how the blood is tested. This is a tiny amount and not enough to explain why women live longer.

When the blood is drawn, it is about 30 seconds after a typical man’s testosterone has peaked. A tiny change in a tiny amount of blood can explain why a woman lives longer — she will have the peak of her testosterone a lot earlier in life than

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