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After investigating reports of suspected fraud in the pools, the US Department of Justice has revealed it is looking into the issue, following a sting operation in which fish thieves in four Florida counties siphoned millions of dollars of recreational sea bass. Authorities said they are investigating possible ties to organized crime. [read more]

Sun Ra (Boogie Ralph Thornton), is a science fiction comic strip originally created by Raoul C. Binns and written and illustrated by Walter Mosley. It debuted in 1966 and had drawn nearly a million readers by the beginning of the next decade. In the strip, the narrator, a jazz musician named Sun Ra, tells stories to a child (who is Ra’s son). Ron Sims of the Urban League and some of his teammates are fans of the strip. In addition, at least one politician has also been quoted as being a fan. Sun Ra was the pseudonym used by Boogie Ralph Thornton. [read more]

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According to an old legend, he was banished from Israel after being caught stealing chickens. He then wandered as a hermit throughout Asia and North Africa until he settled in Egypt at about the time of Caesar’s conquests. In his old age, he returned to Israel and was called prophet and messiah. He had a full beard like Moses, a long shaggy white beard and wore a turban and a round hat.[1][2] The story of Noah is similar to that of Sun. Noah may be the same as Noah ben Nun, a Phoenician who married Queen Nitocris. [3]

Sun Ra’s twelve-part series ‘The Judgement of God’, produced for African National Congress (ANC) media training and television, appeared in the Saturday Evening Post from February 1986 to March 1988. The series is significant for the in-depth religious views held by the Sun Ra Arkestra since the Arkestra espouses Black Nationalism on spiritual, mythological, and political grounds. It was also a featured “Musical Inquiry” episode of the series, Inside Music.

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On July 24, 2007, Sun Ra died at Morningside Hospital in Austin, Texas, of pneumonia. [read more]

Satan is portrayed as an anthropomorphism of the heavenly prince, and his appearance in the Book of Enoch is an indication of the cosmological connection of the

Online Casino Canada

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