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Online Casino Canada

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As we count down the days to Android 1.6 (and the introduction of the Open Handset Alliance), I want to share an announcement I have received from the @android team. Android 1.6 will have a full copy of Firefox, which was made Open Source just recently.

Online Casino Canada

In an email, a member of the Android Team replied to my question, “what does this mean for Android?”:

“Yes, you’ll see Firefox coming to Android 1.6. This means that apps written for 1.0 will be able to directly communicate with apps written for 1.5. Apps won’t have to write two separate versions for 1.0 and 1.5. Developers should simply be able to use standard Android resources. You could even use direct Intents for your applications (directly over Bluetooth, for example).”

So, this means that the apps, if compiled against 1.6, will use the new HTTP and related “standard Android resources”, meaning that even if an app is binary-compatible, it will not have to be recompiled to use a new version of the APIs.

This is a great step forward, and based on these statements, we can be optimistic that many applications will be updated to use 1.6, as they won’t need to be recompiled.

The email also mentions that there is also an interview with Marissa Mayer on CNET about this upcoming OS version.Optical memory technology is attractive because of their high storage density and compatibility with integrated circuit processing. Currently, optical memories are either read-only or write once, i.e. once the information is written on the memory it cannot be erased. A type of memory that falls into this category is a holographic optical recording medium.

A holographic optical recording medium is comprised of a photopolymer material, the hologram that is formed in the photopolymer material is read with a wavefront multiplexing technique and the recorded data is retrieved by separating the recorded data from

Online Casino Canada

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