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What better way to ease into year 2 for the Green Bay Packers than to have a look back at the 2017 season, and one of the most exciting years in franchise history? A couple of weeks ago, I looked at the best of the 2017 season. But in the interest of maintaining balance, I decided to take a look at the worst of the 2017 season. We can look back, but what good is it to look if we aren’t better in the future?

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So, what are the biggest reasons for 2017 to be righted? Here are the top five things to fix for 2018:.

The Packers drafted safety Josh Jones with the 20th pick, meaning he wasn’t on the board until the Packers had used all but eight of their picks. He’s part of a young safety core for the Packers, but how will he fit in? An account of his rookie season.

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How was this team different from 2016?

This is the time of year when fans, media and even the organization itself get really excited about the upcoming season. It’s time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team, what they can be proud of and what they need to improve on in the offseason.

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So we decided to take a look at how the team did last year and what it did differently and right in the face of adversity. Let’s start with the offense, then defense, special teams, then the coaching staff, both before and after the change in coordinators.

Every year we have an incredible group of writers here at Green Bay Packers News. Aaron and Jarrett joined me in 2017 as did Jarron and Brian as an associate writer.

They run the gamut from the fan to the insiders and the experts to the beat writers. We always feel like we have the best writers in the business and we try to make every email a conversation.

This year is no different. There are new writers who have been contributing for many years now and new faces too. The oldest of the new writers is Jarron but we are all very excited about the start of the new season.

Our writers all have great stories and take a good look at the offseason performances of every player on the team. We are your source for all things Green Bay Packers and it’s that kind of in depth, daily coverage you’ll find when you become an email subscriber.

We want to hear from you, the fans. You can share your thoughts, ask questions and connect with fellow fans

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