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Psychiatry and Philosophy of War. Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976) was a German theologian, known for his contributions to the study of New Testament texts. He is well known for his essays on the sociology of myth, of which The History of the Synoptic Tradition was an early example. He was a forerunner of a movement which became known as “the constructive.

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The paper. on “Classifications of philosophical attitudes to death”, is published in Portuguese, in the 23N (São Paulo) number, volume 17, number Jan.

6 2002, by the “Sociedade Brasileira de Filosofia da Modinha”, with the support of FAPESP.

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It contains the following excerpts: Classical philosophers tended to maintain an attitude of surprise on the subject of death, although Aristotle attempts to reduce it to its essentials by proposing the best condition as the final state: “the best condition comes into being in the mortal soul itself, the best being defined as the satisfaction of the animal being”.

It is most important, in my opinion, to realize that there are two distinct attitudes in ancient philosophy. According to one, the concept of death consisted in something lacking – either at the time of the individual’s death or in life – and that death would then be the removal of something positive.

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Aristotle proposed an alternative philosophical approach, where the concept of death as the end is to be seen as the achievement of a good.

In all these attitudes, the main question of life and death was considered in the context of the individual, and the concept of death was never considered in relation to the society. The latter context was indeed considered by Plato, who included the language of injustice in his Socratic dialogue, the Gorgias.

The outcome of the Gorgias is that it took two millennia for the Western society to consider the rights of the society in relation to the act of killing.

After the Greeks, it was mainly the Irish thinkers who began to consider the rights of society in relation to death: This is why the first modern thinkers of the West were not, as most people believe, the French.

No, the origin of Western philosophy was not in France, but in the Greek world. There were two main traditions of Greek thought, in particular of the philosophical tradition: The sophists were the first philosophers in Greece.

Their training

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