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I think that you used all of you commentators points on a stubborn man. I suspect that even if he does move to a more palatable tune, the brujos will still be able to exploit him with their friends. Worse yet, there are some super-stubborn men out there who have a temper like a wild animal, and nothing seems to change them.

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Plus, this is a man who still maintains that the only purpose of the media is to keep the United States in the economic forefront of the world; he has no interest in preserving the status quo, and it will be very difficult to convince him. That is a problem.

I think that he will just change his tune, and we will be back to square one. There are a lot of hungry sharks out there. Obama has a lot of sharks on his side. They will feed on our man.

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Nixon may have opened Pandora’s Box, and the only thing that can close it is for him to die. I think that the Old Testament prophets had not fully realized what they were unleashing. They saw that the world was entering a new era.

This man has unleashed what the biblical world had known for millennia.

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I think that he is the first in a series of false prophets, and soon the people will see the trickery of these prophets and the biblical saints will have their day.

I do not think that a man of God is the guy who is struggling to get this one more dollar, or by now I think I could guess what this man thought.

I do think that if he will hold on long enough to see that the people of the world can survive without his comfort and his protection, he will be able to undergo a sort of spiritual change.

I think that, for a change, he will be willing to follow the Lord, to be a man of great wealth but poverty of spirit.

He is surrounded by a lot of sharks and he does not know it. The End of the Age will be interesting to watch. I think that this man is still of God, he is just occupied with getting further and further into his den.

If he wants to reach God, he should quit and get a job. I think that he is going through a change, and I am sure that it will be painful. I think that when he has the opportunity, he will be frightened.

This will be the test of his sincerity and his love

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