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These three have been the rules I have been operating by since joining the Gazette a little over two years ago. I have yet to have any member phone me and inform me that they believe a newspaper article would be a better place for an opinion piece.

Online Casino Canada

So I stand by my comment that it was insensitive for the paper to publish such an item. I stand by my comment that this is likely the first time in recent memory that a local newspaper has published such an opinion piece.

But I also stand by the second half of my comment. I would be perfectly fine with the Gazette publishing another opinion piece regarding the value of a Vancouver charter in this piece. I would probably even read another opinion piece in print, and I am sure the Gazette does. I just don’t think it is a good idea to publish the first one in print.

Online Casino Canada

Putting it on the website is not a disqualifier. It’s just that it’s the one thing I do know the newspaper doesn’t do. I know that because the paper ran a similar opinion piece on the same topic last week.

Since the two articles are identical in content, it would be a waste of space to print the same piece in the paper twice. My argument is that it’s disingenuous to only have one version available online, and it comes off as a commercial rather than as journalistic decision.

And if that was the only reason to publish the piece online, then the problem still exists. But it only started this week, and we’re a few days past the halfway point. And if the paper plans to continue their pattern of publishing a third opinion piece to coincide with their second, I have no doubt they will eventually do the same with another article on the same subject.

And all that is nice. But if you’re going

Online Casino Canada

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