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The company operates as a focused interactive content provider and gaming software supplier for the online gambling industry. Scientific Games entered the online gambling space in 1992 when it provided a service to the online gambling industry that included bookmaking software, non-gaming, marketing and bank and gaming compliance software.

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In 1994, Scientific Games launched its first-ever online bookmaker. The following year the company launched its first online poker site and online horse racing. Today the company employs approximately 4, professionals who serve the Internet gambling and gaming industries with client and server products.

It also has employees in the corporate gambling industry, including Pari-Poker Casino and Sports Betting Control. Scientific Games Nevada, the gaming subsidiary of Scientific Games, develops, markets and delivers applications and services to the gaming industry, including gaming software, poker, racing, and sports betting.

Online Casino Canada

In June of, Scientific Games launched the first ever interactive wagering/casino online video streaming platform. Scientific Games operates over 50 online casinos. The company has also become a popular provider of poker tables for bars and restaurants.

In April of, Scientific Games launched the eFuse™ system, which enables gaming regulators to better police online gambling platforms in real time. Scientific Games has a 12-year relationship with the World Gambling Congress, which represents the entire online and physical gaming industry worldwide.

Online Casino Canada

In 2011, Scientific Games established two new divisions: Playtech, and MathFields. Playtech is an online gaming company that serves game providers and developers. MathFields is a quantitative research and analytics firm. In addition, the company started two new divisions: Scientific Games Labs and Scientific Games Connect.

Science laboratories has been created for gaming research and development as well as the creation and support of online and mobile games. The Connect division has developed the state-of-the-art technology and online infrastructure for online gambling operators.

It also created Gobi, an online gambling and data platform service for developers. The company also provides a wide variety of online casino games for online casinos, including blackjack, slots, roulette, among others.

On April 3, Scientific Games announced it has entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire SecureTrust Technologies, LLC, which is based in the Philippines. In May of, Scientific Games acquired Portomaso Ltd., the first online gambling provider in Italy.

In June of, Scientific Games acquired all of Interactive Gaming Technologies Inc. Online gambling was illegal in the Philippines until the Philippine Commission on

Online Casino Canada

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