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Alton Brown’s deep knowledge of food culture, tradition, and history is never more evident than when he cooks in front of you and tells a story simultaneously. Watching Stephen understand just how to translate the flavors of this cow’s milk yogurt, while explaining how to balance the proteins and sugars at the same time, was fascinating. It was even better than usual. I ate it with fresh strawberries and pumpkin seeds, and it was wonderful.

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Likely you know this anyway, but if not, I’m glad you’ll be hearing it soon: For years, there‘s been a growing interest in untraditional food types like dairy-free ice cream, vegan cheese, plant-based milk, and creamy cashew butter. The Food Emporium has a large selection of gourmet products, gift items, and home decor. And they‘re as sweet as they are salty. In a roughly 10-square-mile area off Interstate 95 that ranges from Martin’s Inlet to Cobb Avenue, there are seven public beaches open year-round and numerous parks. Many of these spaces don’t allow you to take anything you have bagged with you, so plan for not-so-crowded beaches at times like midday or early evening.

During my time in Brunswick, I explored the shops and restaurants, and my favorites were Blue Water Desserts, which has a wide variety of homemade baked goods and a stellar selection of raw desserts, and The Quilters Collection, a carefully curated showroom of Etsy brand. Both are nice, shopping spots for people seeking trendy goods. Trips to shops like this are likely to inspire purchases, but be aware that you could spend a long time browsing and not make a purchase. There’s also shop after shop selling vintage clothing, old books, and local pottery and jewelry.

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Stay Cool in Brunswick, GA. Early spring in Brunswick, Ga., is the ideal time to experience the warmth of the coast and the cool breezes of the Gulf. Climate in the area is very changeable, so get used to the hot and humid days, then when you get to the shore, have a chance to cool down.

The towns of Brunswick, St. Marys, Woodbine Beach and St. George Island are a mecca for beach lovers, offering a glorious variety of beaches, long boardwalks, plenty of family-friendly fishing and hunting spots, and very nice coastal communities that you won’t want to miss.

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If you’re looking for a place

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