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How to improve my off-topic problems?

Online Casino Canada

I wonder how to improve the quality of my questions, so that they don’t get closed.

When writing I only ask: “How do I do this” (or “How do you do that”). Then someone answers the question and I get an answer telling me, e.g. “Don’t do that, do this“, but that’s already what I asked, not the problem.

Online Casino Canada

Example of an off-topic question:

I have a random-number-generator that doesn’t produce the right numbers.


I’d suggest reading the following rules of thumb and adding a few that haven’t yet been mentioned. The goal is to be able to post a quality question rather than a barely-functional one that would be re-opened by a moderator.

You are attempting a problem that is too broad or far-reaching, and making unreasonable assumptions about requirements and scope.

You have not included all relevant details necessary to reproduce the problem.

You have not tried to search the web for anything that would help you solve your problem.

You are asking a question that appears to be for a homework assignment.

You are asking a question that appears to have little to no regard for its reception, and whether or not someone will actually use it.

You have clearly not had any form of education in this particular subject.

The poster may have good intentions and a sincere desire to help, but the end result doesn’t belong here. In addition, answers are likely to be short and not elaborate on how to get started or used.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, leave it alone.

from physical or mental problems.

At Young and Associates in St. Louis, Psy.D. psychologist and certified osteopathic physician, Daniel McCoy, M.D., has developed the Osteo-Psychology Diagnostic (OPD) which focuses on the osteopathic diagnosis (from the Greek word for bone) of psychological problems.

Osteopathy is a philosophy and a way of looking at the human body that emphasizes self-

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