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The Sydney Olympics were held, as we all know, in 2000, and that was a great victory for Australian brand, but they have also been held in four times before that, in 1908, 1924, 2000 and 2016, and I really think it just shows how much they have invested in the brand and how the brand is just such a big part of their lives and their identity. I think it was Margaret Wurtele, who is the head of their marketing department, who said at the time, I think it was the, I think it was the.

Kasino slot stars are that the logo. I think they did a great job on the logo itself with the star. The star itself was designed by one of Australia’s most iconic designers, and that’s Kim Burrell who’s worked a lot with Nike, and he designed the Olympic brand for Australia in the ’80s and ’90s. In 2000, he was on the history of the games and he designed the logo for the Sydney Olympics, and he designed the logo for the next seven, actually, the next seven Olympics as well. And then in 2016, they did a refresh which I think they think is better in terms of the iconic red and blue. Just taking the red, which gives it a bit more of a youthful feel as well. The blue is also fresher.

Online Casino Canada

I think they’ve done quite well in the application, particularly with the narrative around the Star. For me, I think it’s quite clever because whenever you see the star, I think it’s pointing towards the games logo, but it’s also celebrating the fact that the star is the number one sports brand in Australia. We have got Australia’s greatest athletes competing, so I think it’s quite clever. I also like the fact that it’s quite iconic.

I think the application has a nice shine to it. I like the way it’s kind of layered. It’s really a three-layer look. The first layer is the big ground star. There‘s the words ‘Olympic Games’. The second layer is the road map of the games, with the map of the Australian continent and the location of the sport, and then there’s the numbers. I think it is quite a strong three-dimensional look.

Online Casino Canada

I like the colors and the feel of it and I like the stars. The stars are really cool. I really like the star

Online Casino Canada

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