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Born November 23,, Fogg is the grandson of Gilbert Baker and his wife Martha Fogg. He grew up in the Berkshire town of Fairfield. In he was accepted at Yale University.

Fogg won the university’s Regent’s Medal in football his freshman year. Fogg remained at Yale until his graduation in 1975. While at Yale, Fogg majored in architecture, graduating in 1977.

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In Fogg worked for two years as an architectural design artist before focusing on his own art career. Fogg was the driving force behind the New York Airplay and Music Video Awards.

He persuaded his fellow artists from the Lower East Side to form the Artist’s Television Access, which set up shop at the corner of Tompkins Street and Bowery. Fogg ran ATA between its inception in and the establishment of the MTV Music Video Awards.

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In the late s, Fogg became frustrated with the length of time the ATA was taking to produce its programming. Fogg wondered if there were any European artists who were doing music videos.

Fogg went to the Netherlands to see if there were any artist’s producing videos, only to find that the people he met there were making things for television commercials.

He wondered if it was possible to make videos in the Netherlands that were similar to those being made by the music video industry. Fogg found a company that was making programming for television in the Netherlands and got in touch with the owner of that company.

The contact gave Fogg a tour of the company and suggested that Fogg try to get the video library the company held to make a prototype for an artists television show. In, Fogg left his full-time job to work at ATA as a production assistant and eventually became the executive producer. Fogg’s initial goal was to find a way to make music videos for an underserved audience.

Fogg expanded the scope of ATA’s audience to include other musicians and by, ATA had programs for groups as diverse as country and hip-hop.

In, ATA signed a deal with ABC Video Network to produce for the cable network. Despite this, ATA produced music shows for MTV, ABC, and USA Network. In, ATA did a deal

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