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The bodies of insurgents killed in fierce fighting are on the way from Helmand province to Kandahar, where relatives will be able to have a proper burkha placed on their loved ones, after other insurgents killed their bodyguards.

Sources in Helmand say the insurgents were killed in shootouts between the Taliban and Afghan soldiers on the road from Lashkar Gah to Kandahar last week.

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The leader of the group, Mullah Badruddin, is reported to have died after sustaining gunshot wounds from government forces.

Newsnight’s Mina al-Osta told a number of the insurgents being taken to Kandahar have been blown up in the south of the city.

She said: “We know two or three are being brought into the city.

Some Afghan soldiers have captured insurgents and they were killed.

“So the bodies were brought into Kandahar this week and they are going to be buried.

“Mullah Badruddin is [also] going to be brought into Kandahar.”

Newsnight has also learnt that the bodies of Afghan policemen killed during a rescue operation last week have been washed and buried.

The policemen, dragged from a burning house during a rescue mission, were buried in a new cemetery, according to reports.A technique for the selection of private foundations for research on health inequality.

The Government Accountability Office is charged to evaluate the effectiveness of the research capacity of federal agencies. This report provides a structured decision-making tool that researchers can use to help assess the ability of private foundations to fund health research projects and identify these foundations that best complement federal or state agencies. The tool was developed by researchers at the Council on Foundations of Higher Education and the Center for Population and Development Studies, as well as nonresidents. The tool was administered to 35 foundation executives and board members. The sample included private foundations of all sizes and geographic locations. The findings of

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