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Slots with Friends is an internet online slots with friends online slots that allows friends to play online slots together. You can compete or just enjoy each other’s company. DOUBLE DOWN SLOT This game also known as The Wild Win, is a five reel slot and is available at the demo version on all Live Casino Network websites.

Online Casino Canada

It features the wild double up as the second bonus symbol which replaces any ordinary symbol on the screen and when it appears, it will increase the win if you land on it.

At this point, you can continue playing on the same reels until you get a winning combination again, or the game can be ended.

Online Casino Canada

Areas of use of Bonus Round In the Wild and Double Double Bonus, there will be three more reels with more bonuses, are presented for you to play, and you will have to be lucky to land on a reel with the Bonus symbol.

The Wild symbol in this slot will always lead you in the bonus round, and it can replace all types of symbols, except the Bonus symbol, to complete the win.

Online Casino Canada

The double up bonus is the second win, this will give you more chances to win the prize and it can be played together with the Wild symbol, as the same symbol appearing on the reels gives you double the win for your bet.

The effect of the Free Reel game will be determined only by the rule mentioned below.

The rule is: When there is a pair of wild symbols appearing on the reels, the free reels will be turned on, and if there is no pair of wild symbols appearing, the free reels will be locked.

Then, a combination of the wild symbols appearing on the reels will give you the winnings.

If it is a winning symbol combination, the win will be multiplied by the number of the symbols.

Have you ever been to a slot where you saw that the game runs out and the only way to get another round was to pay more money to extend it?

Wild Round with Double up A wild round in this slot is played together with the reels as the same symbol appearing on the reels will be multiplied by 2 to get the prize.

Wild Lucky 7 The Wild Lucky 7 online slot has the following features: This game is divided into many different parts: This game comes in many different languages, but not all versions will include the same winning combinations.

Plus any combination of 7 different symbols

Online Casino Canada

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