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mr green casino review

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Online Casino Canada

Performance of Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL vs. MySQL

I have recently read a couple of articles on Google. I have seen some advantages of Google Cloud SQL versus MySQL, but was wondering how it is performing currently.

Online Casino Canada

My specific questions are:

Should I move from MySQL to Cloud SQL PostgreSQL?

Online Casino Canada

How much speed and bandwidth does Cloud SQL PostgreSQL offer?

Is Cloud SQL PostgreSQL the best option for me?


As my blog shows, MySQL and PostgreSQL perform quite similarly on Google Cloud SQL. From a storage perspective, Google Cloud SQL doesn’t offer any advantage over MySQL 5.6, but I did consider giving MySQL a try, but was hindered by the lack of an API to create new databases in a similar fashion as the database creation API that Google offers for Cloud SQL.

The storage speeds will depend on the type of queries you perform, and I’m afraid that we don’t have a direct comparison with Cloud SQL (since we don’t provide you the raw figures). We can at least say that in the common case, Cloud SQL offers the same performance as MySQL.

As for the last question, the answer is yes.

How to Restore

If the server is in production, restore the backup to the destination server. If the server is not in production, you can use a bare-metal recovery mode to restore it to a bare metal disk (hard disk/ SSD).

After the successful restore, reboot the server and reconnect to the server using the administrative console again.

After the Server Restores, verify that all required services are functioning. For example, you can see the check for the antivirus software using the command:Join us in welcoming Kate Falloway to our Printer’s Row team. She’s taking over the previously nonexistent “New York” city (pronounced “nyork”–not “nyor

Online Casino Canada

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