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We offer free bonuses, promotions and tournaments for our most enthusiastic online slots players. You can place an instant wager on NFL games live from just about anywhere in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Online Casino Canada

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This is a loose set of rules more applicable to casinos, card games, sports, etc. Different players have different levels of weakness to different kinds of games.

Online Casino Canada

At the same time we must also be sensitive to biases. It is much easier to think that a game is overwhelming than it is to admit that you‘re just not very good at it. That‘s the most interesting part of learning what works. The truth is nearly always more interesting than the fiction, even if the fiction is romanticized.

As games devolve into mindgames and minigames and the high level skills that provided a gateway to this level are left in the dust, the remaining gatekeepers to this intellectual amusement zone are taken over by the gamers. Or as it is called increasingly, by the kids.

Online Casino Canada

Real randomness doesn’t save you. There is no randomness when a software developer knows exactly what cards you have, or you know exactly what cards the dealer has.

A shuffled deck with known holes is still the dealer hiding known cards in the deck. Some optimizers use this weakness, but I don’t.

It is because of this that most image-based technologies have proved to be mostly worthless. You cannot tell what the software is doing because, like with the cards, it knows exactly what you have, what you haven’t, or will be dealt. At the same time, a human is much slower and much more likely to get the edge on an image-based table. As computers get better at playing at human speed, I expect the machine will begin to disrupt the casino as much as slots did.

The machine is much harder to cheat, as more secrets are required to make it work. By contrast, the highly optimized section of the code was simply a way to correct for the casino‘s stupidity. Casinos put their executives in positions where they have to be stupid and tend to enforce stupid policies.

In the age of information, the stupidity is compounded tenfold. The file formats are encrypted or proprietary, requiring you to be very stupid to make a mistake

Online Casino Canada

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