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ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: In creating this website, I have used some direct quotes from some of the Old Testament. I have never actually quoted or paraphrased any of the Old Testament Scripture in this article. It is not my intention to do so.

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Rob Kall, a reporter with America’s Survival, Inc., is an independent writer living in the U.S. I have not yet entered into any arrangements to become a compensation poker table when payment is made. I have no material connection to the brands, sites, or companies mentioned in this article.

Rob Kall, a reporter with America’s Survival, Inc., is an independent writer living in the U.S. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and have absolutely no connection with the brands, sites, or companies mentioned in this article, nor has to do with any association with The National Center for Charitable Statistics.

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His results are reported to the public through official communications, such as conference presentations, articles in medical and scientific journals, or documentary films. There have been several other subjects, including soil-testing, the effects of chemotherapy and radiation on cancer patients, the effects of marijuana and cannabis on the human body, the income of different segments of the population, and the state of local, state, and federal law enforcement.

The book was written in response to interviews and conversations with notable figures in the alternative medicine and medical, legal, and political communities. The Whirled, Twisted World was reviewed by health, spirituality, science, and politics websites. Profits from the book go to fund the non-profit organization Kallco, Inc.

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