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Alyssa turns from the window, smiling, voice not hesitant in her mom’s presence. Half the song is audible; the easier half, anyway. Whatever it meant, it had not softened the crease on Mary’s face. The gray-green, the gray-green. Sleepless and wondering If it is the end of The changing American landscape, what can you do to make a difference?

There were so many different dogs. In the past week, there have been five dogs removed from the home after complaining of illness. Some were left with a family or a friend while the owner awaited the Vet’s release. Some were taken to the shelter. Some were taken to euthanasia. Some were taken to the shelter to be scanned and treated while the family waited. One or two of the dogs had issues. But usually it is just the same old scenario—place is driving me crazy, come to the shelter, find a home for him, they need him, he will be so good.

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While we, as this has happened to us, are trying to find a permanent home for our dog, we are working with the staff at the shelter to provide the best care possible to ensure that he is placed in a good home. The better care happens when the dogs are taken to a vet in the first 24 hours and diagnosed, scanned or whatever needs to be done, before we spend additional funds or find a foster.

We have dogs that came from a very good family and had no behavioral issues. I remember Alyssa saying at the time “He is so cute. I want him” and my answer was “Yes, you do. We want to find him a home soon, but it takes us a while.” Those times are gone.

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I remember reading a comment by your mom that when you adopted him he was picked up by Animal Control because he looked sick. My question is did you call the shelter and volunteer to come in and get him there?

We are now working on getting him scanned at the vet clinic. He is 9 years old and has an older brother at the shelter. He loves to play and bond with people and to sleep. He looks fine. But he is a carrier of Frenzied disease. The vet wants to work with the foster family to help him along the path to a good home.

A friend of ours found Frenzied along the road recently. He is 10 years old.

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