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We offer over free slots no download and no registrations here so that players can see for real what they can get from any site that promises to have great welcome bonuses.

Online Casino Canada

The first and foremost thing to look for is the Bonus Rounds. Are there many of them? If so, and this is a big if, you will have the best chance of winning big money.

How many per spin? Are the bonus rounds worth real money or will you have to wager real money on games like roulette or blackjack?.

Online Casino Canada

When you get that all straightened out, you can then play for free or real money and finally leave the site once your skills as an online slots player have been well honed.

The bonus rounds should offer anything between 10 and spins, which is usually not a lot. You can wager as much as you want or you can try to maximize your winnings by playing with the highest possible wager.

Online Casino Canada

The wagering requirement varies from game to game as well as the number of total lines. The more lines you play on a game, the more you will have to wager to win.

And if there is a progressive jackpot on the table, then you have to wager that too. The minimum amount is usually around 10 times the progressive amount to become eligible.

A progressive jackpot is usually generated from an online slot. So, the more the slot has been played, the more money the progressive jackpot will add to it.

In some cases, it is even multiplied up and added up to the jackpot as well. It is usually a good idea to leave a few free spins at the end to try your luck and hope for that big win.

So, how does a bonus round work? Lets say that if you win a bonus round, you get an extra chance to win more money. A reel-spinning video-slot may have three bonus rounds.

One of them is activated when you win. The other two are only activated when you play. So, when you play a slot game with a bonus round, you can win the bonus round even before the game is won.

Both these rounds are available at any time. They come at the discretion of the online casinos and online slot game developers.

The prizes can be anything between 20 and coins. If you win 20 coins, that is a nice bonus. But, if you win coins, it is a lot more

Online Casino Canada

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