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mega moolah canada

com was started in by Rick Wade. It has also worked with different affiliates. InternetBetting works with them in a similar way, so that online gambling software providers can include their software to their offer.

Online Casino Canada

InternetBetting is a reliable and secure affiliate network. Some of the best software providers on the market are using InternetBetting at present.

Affiliate program: We are the first affiliate program on the market that works with the most well-known software providers, who include their slots games on our website.

Online Casino Canada

They can therefore offer their slots games to users around the globe. More than that, only we are responsible for marketing and distribution, so the software provider does not need to maintain it.

Our affiliate program focuses primarily on free slot games, but we are also open to other offers. There is a special offer for video slot games, so if you are looking for software that plays video slots, the InternetBetting affiliate program is the right place for you.

Online Casino Canada

We work with the best-known providers and we have one of the most extensive offers for all video slot games with the highest payout percentages.

The Software is operated and owned by Bestway Gaming Group S. This product offers a special prize for each bet, if you win. The list of games is updated as of 2019.

Therefore, our team checks regularly the selection of the games on the platform and adds new ones to the casino. The maximum bet for the game can be 30.

The software provider is also completely responsible for the organization and marketing of their games. As a part of our service we offer advertising space for software providers in our newsfeeds.

In the newsfeeds we publish only the news about the newly launched games, so software providers can spread the message about their game directly to our clients.

We want to thank software providers for their support and cooperation with us and especially for using our affiliate program.

Just follow the links and your games will appear in the list of available games. Since Bestway Gaming Group is a big software developer, it is not surprising that its software is here.

Set the Bet and click on the Spin button. The jackpot will be increased if you make a correct guess on the Main Bonus game and play the Free Spins game.

Rounding out our list is Rival Gaming. They have lots of games from different software providers, so players will find something for every taste.

The software provider is

Online Casino Canada

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