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Many reviews said that up to. For the first time ever you can play Merkur games online on your PC or Mac. Play Merkur games in your browser for free. Aug 29, 2017nbsp;0183;32;Planet7 slots. On the Planet7 website you can find several free casino games that include the ever popular Slot Games. Play free slots online without.For the G20 Summit, the leaders of the world‘s most important economies will meet in Russia. Over the past months, a special anxiety has been rising. The idea of linking Ukraine and Russia is now so much more important. Although they don’t talk about it, the German government and senior officials don’t see a solution without the help of Russia.

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“I think we should stop talking about a campaign to isolate Russia and only talk about a campaign to isolate Putin”, said Christian Nargel, the Chancellor’s envoy for European affairs, sitting in a restaurant in Potsdam. It has become routine that a war of words should precede any possible agreements. The gala banquet in London where the summit was supposed to take place was already marred by disagreements. Right before the meeting, the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, took a dig at Russia. “I would not want to go into further negotiations if there is no prospect of a successful outcome“, he said, adding that “we are all looking for a peaceful solution”.

Economic crisis

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Negotiating security

But it is not the only dilemma. There are also the economic issues. After the meeting of the G7 and the G20, the question was now who has the most weight. The G20 lost its importance following the Brexit vote. And now the EU has a common policy, supported by Germany. The issue of Ukraine’s European perspective will be discussed in the European Council. And Russia still stands at the door.

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“We are still concerned about Ukraine. This country has a strong desire for Europe, but from a political point of view, there is no coordination or understanding of the development in Ukraine”, explains Thomas de Maizière.

A state of play that will play a role in the G20. Except for the Americans, the other countries which host the summit are working hard to get “specific messages across”. Especially since the message from the White House has become so much more clear. The economic crisis has grown worse. It was the summit in Germany a few days ago. The Americans were shocked by the slow

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