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Zinc has lots of uses and is essential for life. It is primarily used as a material and as a raw material. One of the zinc compounds is zinc chloride. This chemical is a soapy water soluble substance and it gets used for washing silverware, dishes, and glass. It is also used to control the growth of bacteria and fungi.

In the United States, the majority of the manufactured products are made from zinc and/or zinc oxide, including roofing tiles, electrical contacts, galvanized products, etc.

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It can be found in such forms as zinc oxide, zinc arsenide, zinc phosphide, and zinc sulfide. People can see zinc in jewelry as well. This chemical is used in many health and beauty products. They can also be found in pesticides, sanitizers, and personal care products. It is the main ingredient of foods such as sprouts, oatmeal, fish, and other such items.

Increasing Demand For Zinc:

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The demand for zinc is ever increasing and this is because of its vast uses in the world.

Zinc can be used in cosmetics, concrete, pigments, ceramics, paints, batteries, fertilizer, battery separators, etc.

In the world market, zinc is the fifth most traded mineral and the top steel producer. It is also used in the production of other materials like fine china, stamp printing, food preservatives, various office supplies, insecticides, and paints and metal coatings.

More Zinc Facts:

There are more than 2,000 sources of zinc, which include rock, rock sediment, ore, ore sludge, and bauxite. They are usually available in hard and soft forms.

Most of the zinc metal is produced by smelting the ore with limestone or iron slag. Sulfur, lead, and iron are some of the impurities that are present in the process.

For example, the world consumption of zinc was about 18.7 million metric tons in 2016. The production was more than 145,000 tons and is used mainly as a metal and in the form of compounds.

The United States is the largest consumer of zinc with about 14.9 million tons. This is followed by China with 10.4 million tons and India with 9.5 million tons.

Impact Of Zinc On Society:

Zinc is one of the most commonly used minerals in

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