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Links to relevant government websites. The privacy report provides links to websites with information about the different types of collection of personal information by the country.

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Privacy in Israel. In Europe, the HAGALA public consultation approach was part of a co-ordinated European initiative by the two organizations.

The legal framework in Israel is intended to ensure fairness, accountability, and transparency of all aspects of the gambling industry and is also designed to protect the public.

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Israel defines gambling activity for financial purposes as any commercial, business or professional relationship, including any written arrangement, between a person and a company, which is used for gambling purposes. However, permitted gambling activities are limited to three kinds of gambling: Playing card games.

Bar and lounge services. A big casino such as the Luxor and the Arabian Nights is mostly a hotel on the outside. Casinos in Israel offer a wide range of gambling activities as well as various entertainment options.

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Casinos in Israel are permitted to offer non-gambling activity as an extension of their gaming business. For instance, they may offer off-site dining, shopping, golf, and swimming.

Las Vegas and Oriental-style gambling venues are typical of the casinos that are permitted to operate in Israel. However, many casinos have opted to operate a one-of-a-kind experience, with themes such as a medieval village, a horror movie, a cruise, etc.

Ships and travel are also among the options available to casino operators in Israel. Many of the larger casinos are located on the East Coast. By contrast, there are only a handful of casinos on the West Coast, as the archaeological and historical sites there are important tourist attractions.

Gamblers in Israel are subject to the same regulations that apply to those in the United States. Enforcement of the law in Israel is similar to that in the United States with regard to casino operating standards.

Not all companies that offer gambling services are subject to the regulation of the Gambling Supervision Authority. The three categories of gambling service providers that are subject to the supervision of the Gambling Supervision Authority are: Companies operating casinos.

Companies that provide gambling services, directly or indirectly, by subsidiaries or agents that operate any of the following: Casinos.

Gaming halls and betting centers, operated under a license. Casino licenses are granted to companies that meet the following requirements: They are at least 51 percent owned by a resident of the State of Israel.

They are registered

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