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Shyam Tewari (born 23 October 1966) is an Indian business executive and ranked in Fortune’s World’s Billionaires list in 2017 with a net worth of US$2.9 billion. He has been ranked in Forbes India’s list of India’s richest people.

Online Casino Canada


He has spent his career at Infosys, and was the CEO of Infosys China and Infosys Regional President.

Online Casino Canada

He has also held senior roles with companies such as Oracle Corp, Siemens AG, CTS Software Corp, Time Warner, IAC, TCS and Bank of America. He serves as the Chairman of Infosys Ltd. and Infosys Limited (India).

He has been credited for turning Infosys Ltd into a $12.7 billion market value company.

He is also the Founding Chairman of The Infosys Foundation, established in 2012, through a partnership between Infosys and his own family trust.

Under his leadership, Infosys plans to make a $50 million contribution to AI research and to establish new centers of advanced technologies. He has been called the “Father of India’s Software Industry” as he is the former managing director and CEO of Infosys and led the company to its position as India’s top IT services company. He has been attributed to a number of philanthropic initiatives such as the Yuva Foundation, which he set up in association with his mother. Infosys along with American Express is sponsoring “Wearable Tech for India” on the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Tewari has been credited as the driving force behind the transformation of Infosys into the largest, and arguably the most important Indian IT services provider. He has been described as “head of the company’s transformation to a software services business”. He led a team that took over as the sole owner of Infosys in 2005, and introduced new partnerships and alliances to add new software services to the company. Inf

Online Casino Canada

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