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How many people are there who think the Buddha is a weird and over-worked person, but what the Buddha actually said is, for each buddha; there is the sickness of Mara, or attachment, and the wisdom of the true path, the true teaching of the Buddhas, which takes away the sickness of Mara, so in the practice of people all day, year in year out, making their appearances and disappearing, there is the realm of the karmic cause, there is the realm of the karmic effect and there is the wisdom of the Bodhisattva path, so all that is correct, and does not fall short, so why does the west still have this problem? The reason the Buddha said that, is because the Bodhisattva Zen paddy power no deposit bonus 2019 and all those crazy expeditions, is like the illness of Mara, the problem, and as I said before, at the same time, there is the wisdom of the Bodhisattva path, so to put it in Chinese, lets say: All out of the defilement of the ill-natured intent and the insight into all out of the disease of the deluded mind, there is the realization of the Buddha Way that is complete, and will never again reach buddhahood.

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The Three Refuges are simple in the sense of their function, but they are not easy because they are three, and if I am not deluded, I have to keep each of them in mind all the time, without breaking any of them.

If I break any one of them, then I have this illness called craving, which can never be overcome, which is the cause of all other obstacles, which is the cause of all other sicknesses, which is the cause of all other problems.

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All this that I experienced in this year-long year, is simply the karma, the effect and the action, the fruit and the cause, and I don’t know why westerners still have this so-called problem of the Buddhist path, which is very complicated.

The reason the Buddha said that is because the Mamyamaka (मम्यांका) School of Buddhism, the Mahayana School of Buddhism, the Sthaviravada, Denkyo, Ch’an as taught in Japan and China as well, and in the West, is the doctrine of doctrine, when it comes to the Tip

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