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The following description is taken from the disclosure in co-pending U.S. patent application Ser. No. 09/076,431, now U.S. Pat. No. 6,427,790, issued Aug. 28, 2002 (IBM Docket A002-0687-00) assigned to International Business Machines Corporation and hereby incorporated by reference. The present invention may be implemented with other representations of objects than the current embodiment, such as images, sounds, or animations.

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The invention relates to object identification, and particularly to a method and system for classifying unknown or unknown objects. The invention can be applied to any application in which identification of an object is required, but in the following description it is applied to a particular application, that of Automatic Loss Prevention, ALPS, an application in which a subsystem or device is used to identify an unknown or a falsely identified object and/or to selectively set off alarms or other signals when the conditions are detected.

Loss Prevention, generally, is the application of technology to detect and prevent the loss of property and merchandise and guard against larceny. According to the U.S. Federal Government Business Loss Report, by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, a loss was defined as follows. a) Loss Defined: Loss is the net reduction in value of a substance, commodity, or property resulting from the use of the substance, commodity, or property by a borrower other than at an accepted institution; A loss may be admitted to an institution only if it has been determined to be the result of arson, fraudulent activities, or criminal acts or negligence that is not attributable to the institution. Losses sustained during an institution’s audits are not considered losses.

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b) Loss Defined: Loss means a net reduction in value of an asset occurring when an owner becomes liable for an event that reduces the value of an asset, as distinct from a financial statement loss, such as depreciation, amortization, or bankruptcy losses. c) Examples of Losses: Any loss that is not a financial statement loss is considered a loss. Examples are as follows: Larceny, Theft, Damage due to fire or other casualty, Damage not due to acts of God or others resulting from defective or inadequate maintenance, Destruction or theft, Theft or damage due to holding for ransom. The loss must be determined to be a loss on the financial statements of the institution.

d) Examples of Financial Statements Losses: Legal, Accounting,

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