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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino Canada

How can I debug an django on google appengine?

I’m trying to run django 1.3 on google appengine. I’m following the steps in this tutorial but it’s a nightmare.

I don’t understand what line 20 means.

20 DEBUG DROP TABLE #indices

What I don’t understand is what this means. What db is it going to drop.

Are these statements all correct in terms of setting things up for production?

In the last tutorial someone mentioned something about logging, but I can’t find the documentation for how to use it. Does anyone have a nice tutorial for logging in appengine? Or how to get an ip address for production?


When you run appcfg.py update… –sessions, it cleans up all the default session tables (previously generated by the development server) so they can be imported/etc. You must be running on a development server (right?).

Isolation, structure determination, and pharmacological evaluation of a new naphthoquin

Online Casino Canada

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