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jackpot village casino

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Online Casino Canada


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Online Casino Canada

Wisconsin has a long history of relying on and trusting gambling companies to license their industry. The state licenses and oversees casino resorts, and then hires or contracts with gambling companies to operate them.

It’s critical that the state and the administration want to be able to control the conditions in which the state’s revenue is expended.

Online Casino Canada

In other words, since the state is spending revenue on the casinos, it should have final say in where that revenue goes.

That’s easy to understand in the case of casinos. But the same applies to the other industries that receive state funds. The state should be able to control the expenditure and expenditure integrity of those other industries, too.

The industry should be regulated by the state so that it is financially accountable, but not so much that it is beholden to the state.

The reasoning is the same as for the casinos, and any industry that handles public funds must be vetted.

The state should be in control so it can ensure that funding has not been misspent. That’s the same rationale that allows the state to audit tax returns. Tax payers must be able to be assured that their money is not being misspent.

The state wants to be able to make sure that other entities it funds are

Online Casino Canada

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