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Between the end of World War II and the baby-boom era, Americans changed a lot. By the 1950s, 85 percent of the babies born were born to unmarried mothers. From 1946 to 1969, the proportion of college-aged children living with their parents rose from around 21 percent to over 37 percent.

But there were also strong continuities. Most important: The years between the wars were a time when the nation was building a middle class. Well-educated, white-collar workers grew up in and around cities. Their extended families took care of them. In many cases, they came from a two-parent, upper middle-class background in which their fathers had been teachers or doctors or some other well-respected, typically male, profession. More than that, the parents of these children were, in the words of Catherine Hawley and Robert Merrell, “a clear majority.”

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The change between those of us who grew up in the 1960s and those who are now in the process of becoming parents often seems steep. But it is true that the current generation is different—both culturally and economically—than the one before it. We have a culture dominated by touch-screen technology. We send our children to school from home. Our parents do not work in our own offices.

This is a transition no doubt many of us thought would come in the first generation after we became parents. But the differences between the children of 1965 and those of 2005 are profound, and they are not always the ones that you might expect. The kids today are much more interested in the reality of social life than their parents were, and they are much more likely to question what they see on television or in movies.

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Their politics are very different than they were in the 1960s and early 1970s. All the changes in America since 1965 have been very good for the politics of equality. At the same time, parents have changed a great deal, and these changes tend toward inequality—in education, in

Online Casino Canada

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