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Each entry holds a link to each species that is found in that location. Entering the following URL into your browser address bar will take you directly to each species in that location. Please see the site for information about each species found in that region.

Belgium Wikipedia. Same as the other European languages, the French language is a pluricentric language, meaning that the same language is spoken in two or more branches of its modern descendants — in Belgium this is still the case.

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The basic vocabulary is based on the former Dutch language and as such it also has borrowed words from several other languages, such as German, French and Latin.

The geographical border between Belgium and the Netherlands is the linguistic border, and accordingly different regions within those countries have their own dialects.

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The official languages of Belgium are French and Dutch, with the co-official languages being Flemish, German and Luxembourgish. There are many variants of Breton, a Celtic language, used mainly in Brittany. The Breton language is one of the 2 official languages of the diocese of Vannes.

Flemish is a Belgian variety of Dutch used in the northern and eastern part of the country.

Flemish name: Heuter dialect, also known as Walloon, part of the Western dialect continuum of Dutch, the variety spoken mainly in Wallonia and of which Belgium is the linguistic capital.

Dutch name: Walloon dialect, used mainly in Wallonia and of which Belgium is the linguistic capital. Flemish is a Dutch variety of the language known in Belgium as Flamentg, Walloon Flemish or Flemish.

A dialect may be any language variety that is located within the larger linguistic group of a language family. For example, Hungarian is a member of the Indo-European family, and is divided into several different language varieties.

However, most of the Hungarian language is spoken within Hungary, and it can be divided into two dialects. The literary language is known as Magyar and the standard spoken language as colloquial. These two dialects are highly different from each other, and often unintelligible to each other.

However, the two Hungarian dialects share many of their words. The literary language is often called the ‘language of the nobility’ and is used by many scientists

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