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Online Casino Canada

Two years ago, we had friends over for dinner and my mother-in-law was visiting for the weekend. At some point during dessert, my husband told me that I had to say something at that very moment. I asked him what. He said, “You’re having a baby!”

And that was just about the most exciting thing I’d ever heard. The anticipation kept building, until we were all laughing and teasing. It was like a real dinner party! As my mother-in-law prepared to leave to go home, she said, “You know, I was thinking I’d like to bake something for you after you have your baby.” She wanted to make the most delicious chocolate brownies I’d ever had! I’m sure that thanks to my grandpa’s death, we were all a bit more emotional that night, and the chocolate brownie’s profound goodness created a sense of contentment and comfort that will be forever ingrained in my memory. Thanks, Mom!

Online Casino Canada

It was Christmas a few years ago and my husband and I were strolling through a nearby discount store looking for gifts when my husband casually blurted, “I think we’re having a baby!” I was surprised and a little scared. Would I know how to care for a baby? Would I be a good mother? Would I be able to be there for him when he was sick, or hold him when he cried? There were so many things I didn’t know.

We knew we wanted to have a girl, and I was totally counting down the days until I’d be pregnant and start my maternity leave. I was also just over the moon excited. I kept planning out all the cute outfits I’d wear, trying to anticipate how I’d be able to make our living area suitably “baby-ready.” It was as if I was living in a future in which I was pregnant

Online Casino Canada
Online Casino Canada

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