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He indicated he received the same offers between 2010 and 2012.

Online Casino Canada

My name is Greg Crumbo, and I am the owner and primary moderator of the poker forum.

I am writing to inform you of a scam that is happening within the poker community at present. There are some so-called online poker sites who are requesting money in wagering.

Online Casino Canada

A recent example of this occurred at Unibet.

For quite some time, UNIBET has been teasing their poker room with promotions that always seem to be in a different format. I had spent several weeks trying to get them to explain their marketing initiatives, but without any luck.

Although they never officially laid out their marketing strategy, I took the many hints they were giving and put them together.

I believe their new marketing strategy is going to be called “it’s never been done before”. The table at the end of this letter shows the many new formats that they have taken.

Just as with their teaser promotions, I don’t think they will tell us how many of them they are doing, when they will be in full swing, or how often they will occur.

I am asking the readers of today’s column to help me eliminate this scam.

There is no way I want to be considered a part of this type of business practice. When I posted an article for readers to share on Facebook, the URLs of several poker forums were included.

I asked my readers to send me any notes or information about any poker rooms with this scam going on, and I will write about it here.

In the last several weeks, I have received several reports of poker rooms not advertising and not requiring wagers in promotional giveaways.

The latest such case came to me when a member of the “Omaha Now” network recently posted a “Win a Free Poker Room” ad.

The ad directed readers to a particular page where they had to wager to play on the site.

The ad didn’t even mention a poker room with this promotion.

A similar promotion was hosted on Full Tilt Poker’s Poker Room section.

The general message with Full Tilt’s promotion was an online poker room claiming to be completely free.

I tried to reach out to FotoSl

Online Casino Canada

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