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This is where Casino Royale was filmed, and part of the budget was spent on filming in the city itself. In May 2007 production began in Antwerp, Belgium on a four-week location shoot which started in the city and was completed in October, overspending its estimated budget of 14 million euro. According to Verschueren, the director was asked not to spend more than that amount, which was, if he was to spend it on the city, seen as “disastrous in an economic point of view”, and that he “had to make sure that he didn’t spend anything that might not be investable”. However, he was able to move the location shoot forward by a few days, and produce the entire film in April 2008, for a total of 7 weeks in the city. Antwerp is also the host of the annual Alternative Christmas Light Displays, which takes place every year from mid-November to early January.

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Outside the city

Other filming took place at Moelis, a village located to the north of the city near the German border, and around the city of Mechelen, and Valenciennes. This filming mostly took place on location, and only a few scenes of the hotel casino were filmed in Antwerp. A small amount of additional scenes were shot at the Expo 2000 site. The car chase which takes place after the Aston Martin Competition V12 is driven into a tunnel, was shot on location at Monnickendam. In the following scenes, the motorcycle chase with the Lorries, is set in the Meir Park forest area outside Antwerp and was filmed by two HD cameras. A brand new set was built in Bonheiden Park.

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Entertainment venues were used around the city during filming. It was rented out for two weeks by the Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever. As a result of the new business that this brought to the city, it was able to replace a hotel where it had spent 25 million euro for the time it was there.

During production in Antwerp, the production crew shot the exterior scenes of the Cole neighborhood in Fort Portal, Uganda. This section was filmed at local high schools with the permission of the school.

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A number of the bombing scenes were filmed in Brussels, including on public transport. A number of explosions in Antwerp were staged with explosives, including at an abandoned warehouse on the Merksem, a hotel in the

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