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Every state has its own licensing requirements and tax rates. Online casinos that are licensed in a state will need a license from that state and to do business there.Recently, mobile communication techniques have been developed and diversified. In particular, the demand for multimedia services having high transmission efficiency is increasing. From this point of view, it is urgent to develop a method of transmitting high-quality audio and video data at high rates.

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Specifically, as a scheme of efficiently transmitting high-quality video data, video compression has been developed for many years. In particular, various standards for video compression, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.261, H.263, and the like, have been standardized. However, video compression techniques can be improved in order to transmit and store a large amount of information at a high rate. To meet this demand, studies are being actively conducted on a video codec (coder-decoder) using object-based hierarchical motion compensation.

First, conventional video compression will be described.

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In object-based video compression, since an object and its background are discriminated, inter-frame and intra-frame compression are possible, unlike general video compression techniques. Furthermore, since motion compensation is possible in object-based video compression using a motion vector, inter-frame video compression is performed at a high efficiency.

Hereinafter, the process of generating a motion vector will be described.

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A conventional method of generating a motion vector between two frames at a high efficiency will be described.

First, with respect to a motion between two frames and corresponding information, a motion vector (MV) between a previous frame and a current frame (i.e., a target frame) is calculated in advance using the following equation 1, in which reference data is a reference frame, and reference data is represented as a previous frame:MV=(X−x, Y−y)wherein x, y indicate position coordinates of a target pixel in the current frame and reference frame, respectively.

Here, (X,Y) represent a two-dimensional motion vector.

As described above, as shown in the following equation 2, a new motion vector is calculated for the reference frame of reference data using information of the motion vector. Mv represents a motion vector of the target pixel, and reference image data represents image data of the target pixel, including the motion vector. x, y, and reference image data indicate position coordinates of a target pixel in the previous frame and reference frame, respectively. x

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