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Wow, I finally got to see this amazing film when it opened in Tucson. Seriously, I didnt expect much from it for the first time and didnt expect a lot for the second time. It wasnt bad, just a bit pretentious. The main protagonist is a woman who cannot stand where she is and isnt even having fun.

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We had seen a great deal of this in the course of the series. It was just a matter of a bonus round to tie the film up nicely. The film isnt too long, but long enough to be a complete film.

With a few nice touches here and there to give the film an extra dimension. A few nice twists which arent expected. It isnt without its flaws, but you cant have too many. As well, the star cast was average to good. Ryan Reynolds didnt do too much. Domhnall Gleeson was great. We couldnt really say anything about the others.

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They were decent, but not exceptional. Overall, it is not a bad film, but isnt without a few flaws. At all times, it is an enjoyable film. Please note that we dont claim that the best films are above the average.

It may simply be some of them which are below average. The point is that there are tons of films which are decent, but there is no point going to and seeing these films just because they are great. The films need to do something special to make their presence felt, which is a big if.

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The films are there, but they dont make much of a mark. This is it. Wearing a towel, Bond showed off his self-confidence. With a distinct lack of self-consciousness, Bond flaunted his physique in the champagne bathtub in the London flat he shared with Mary Goodnight.

As 007 paused to wipe the bubbles from his body, he reflected on the day. He was alone in a flat a mile from the Spanish Embassy when a bond was issued. He had a gift of 50, payment for a successful mission.

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