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grand mondial casino mon compte

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From the 24 nd Annual!2017 Vegas Golden Knights Sponsor. The Golden Knights of the National Hockey League will host the 2017 Vegas Golden Knights Foundation Casino Night. Tickets will be available at the door and a limited quantity will be available online via Ticketmaster.

The Las Vegas Police Department is investigating the shooting death of a man who was found just after midnight at the south edge of the Las Vegas Strip. The victim was in a pickup truck in the northern part of the 57000 block of Las Vegas Blvd. near a light rail station when a masked man with a gun approached and shot him in the head, according to police and witness accounts.

Online Casino Canada

Police said the man was taken to University Medical Center and died a few hours later. The identity of the victim was not immediately available. A gunman with a Ruger AR-15 rifle opened fire on a life-flight helicopter Saturday afternoon at the Sparks-area hospital where the scene of a previous rampage at the hospital involved a mentally ill man, investigators said.

July 28, 2018 – The Nevada Gaming Control Board approves the addition of three business types in new category for casino maintenance workers. The board created the new category to give the revised classification more clear definition and to provide more consistent pay between casino maintenance and housekeeping employees.

Online Casino Canada

One of the new categories is for casino housekeepers. Those are: qualified, non-qualified and non-native staff. Most casino housekeepers are now classified as non-native staff. A qualified casino housekeeper would be a full-time employee who has completed at least 100 hours of casino housekeeping training and passed an educational certification test.

A non-qualified casino housekeeper would not have completed the training or passed the exam. The non-native housekeeper category had a provision that residents and non-residents could be classified based on their out-of-state experience as a casino housekeeper without meeting the training and exam requirements.

The qualification and certification requirements for casino equipment attendants were reclassified and simplified as well. A casino maintenance worker must have completed training within the past year and passed an exam to be eligible to work as an equipment attendant.

Casino Maintenance Worker Training Requirements. The casino maintenance worker must have the following certification: Casino OSHA Training Certification Card, Department of Public Safety Service Corps Training Certificate, National Outdoor Skills Certification Card and Horsemanship.

Gaming Control Board The Nevada Gaming Control Board, a

Online Casino Canada

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