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He hopes that the Cosmopolitan will become the place for locals to share ideas and meet with others. “Here, we hope to be the next Harvard, the next London and the next Vegas,” he said, of the city’s entertainment district.

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He said that the project will be different from his other ventures. This will be a new concept within the city, he said.

He also isn’t turning it into a casino, he said, although gambling may be part of the fun. But the Cosmo is more than just entertainment, he said.

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It will also have a spa, a children’s play area and other amenities the city sorely needs. “It will be the hub of the city,” he said.

“We’re not going to be a Vegas, we’re not just going to be an entertainment and dining district. It will encompass all.” His law firm, Bouscaren, led the design team for the project.

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A Boulder woman, Stacey Orr, was appointed the city’s first entertainment director. He is no stranger to being in charge of an entertainment and shopping district, as he was in charge of the now-defunct Sahara West mall in Las Vegas.

He plans to rely heavily on his background.

“I have 50 years of building entertainment and merchandising in different parts of the world,” he said. “This is the largest project, and probably the most complicated one, I’ve ever had to lead.”

He said he has been talking to the city for the last three years, since he met with then-Mayor George Seifert. The idea finally came together after Seifert was replaced by John Flesche.

Flesche said he has never been a fan of casinos. He said the Cosmopolitan will give Boulder the type of entertainment that will lure visitors and help keep them in town.

“We’ve been struggling to provide live entertainment as well as restaurants and shopping,” he said.

He said he wants the district to be a cultural, rather than a casino, city.

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