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Chavez, who is largely seen as a reformer who ended the huge corruption in his country, won a fourth term with 77 percent of the votes on Sunday.

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Mr Chavez said his first change would be to lift the poverty line from $360 a month to $400 a month. He also promised to give a “fourth of the fourth”, meaning one-fourth of his wealth.

The Venezuelan leader made a reference to an Argentine daily newspaper that had criticised his third government, saying it did not have the answers.

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“I’m a soldier in the Chavez revolution”, he said.

Mr Chavez will now assume power for four more years, extending his reign until 2020, when he will be 69. He was the only candidate this time, but the National Electoral Council said that the opposition candidate Luis Vicente Leon, who came third, also got more than five percent of the votes.

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He promised to develop food production, heal the land and protect the people from “extremist action”.

Implementation of a reform plan by Chavez, a socialist leader, had largely been sluggish since he came to power a decade ago.

Although he will now be looked to for guidance on the economy, the United States and other countries have long condemned Mr Chavez for being an authoritarian figure.

Polls were not announced.

Mr Chavez survived a 2005 coup by the armed forces in which 18 people were killed.

I really hope this dude gets taken down. He’s a fucking sociopath!

“What we are now seeing is a real understanding that people are more powerful than government.”

i think this is incredible and speaks to the power of social networking. i cant stand him. im not a fan of either party and i have no real issues with the president itself. He does what he wants and that bothers me, but there is no way i can actually stop him because his supporters are afraid to get involved. He, even though he is imnoted, scares the shit out of a lot of people. He is a terrifying, repressive tyrant.

———————————————————————————-i believe it is quite simple, it is the fault of the media.

the people who run the news division are afraid to say things just like the people who ran the music industry were afraid to talk about what was really happening in the studio. they let it die out and the music industry changed because they believed they could control what they chose to spread.

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