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Online Casino Canada

Recent changes in British gambling laws have resulted in the closure of a number of casinos operating in Britain. This includes a partnership between the Gambling Commission, Revenue and Customs and the Government, which was set up to stamp out illegal bookmakers. A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the industry in 2009 was criticised for not doing enough to stamp out the illegal gambling industry.

Casinos are expected to follow the progress of this legal case, which will hopefully result in a fairer system for British citizens. The government is expected to establish a new online gaming licensing regime later this year, which will grant online gambling licences only to reputable operators.

Online Casino Canada

It will be interesting to see how casinos who are granted licences adapt to the new legislation. The focus of the new regulations should be to create a level playing field.

Properties that are not compliant with the regulations will be removed from the online gambling market and their licences will be revoked. This will ensure that the industry is monitored and regulated in a consistent way throughout the UK.

Online Casino Canada

While the UK gambling industry is being remoulded by the government, casinos and operators operating online will want to make sure that they fit into the new regulatory structure.

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Online Casino Canada

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