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Online Casino Canada

The COC and its Affiliates abide by the laws of the largest anti-money laundering law enforcement agency in the world, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). As a global leader in responsible gaming, the Council has signed a license agreement with the Interactive Games Council of South Korea which includes responsibilities related to anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism.

This license agreement provides for enhanced and expanded oversight over the activities of the COC and its Members. Also, the COC and its Members have agreed to disclose any actual or potential financial, legal, or other circumstances which could be viewed as a potential problem or a potential threat to vulnerable groups in the COC and its Members.

Online Casino Canada

The COC and its Members participate in the Gambling Industry Risk and Information Assessment Program, an annual voluntary effort to assess the gambling industry’s compliance with the FATF guidelines.

Several industry leaders in the responsible gaming field have joined the COC. These include:. In addition to gaming machines, the COC also administers poker leagues.

Online Casino Canada

It is working to strengthen the rules and restrictions on online poker. The COC represents the interests of the global gaming industry in over 30 international forums and meetings. These forums and meetings provide a forum to educate our governments, regulators, and officials.

The COC is one of the fastest growing lobbying organizations in the United States. The COC takes a holistic approach to public policy and regulation. It is working hard to improve the public image of the gaming industry as the industry strives to be leaders in responsible gaming and anti-money laundering efforts.

The COC oversees many of the industry-wide, self-regulatory organizations which include the Problem Gaming Council, the Online Wagering Council, the Responsible Gaming Council, the Responsible Gaming Society, the Responsible Gaming Foundation, and many others.

The International Gaming Institute was formed in 1999 to promote the use of online gaming to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and the elderly. The IGI coordinates websites for the betterment of online gaming. The IGI is staffed by child development experts, research specialists, and legal experts who represent the best of online gaming.

The IGI consults with other

Online Casino Canada

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