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Casino. My account was recently deleted. The slot machine was deactivated but not removed from the account. I was ready to continue playing but cannot log in. All other user are logged in and ok. I cannot find any indication of the slot machine being deactivated, that‘s why I have a question. When I logged in, I was directed to the deactivation screen which was why I believed the slot machine was no longer in play. They will call it a deactivated slot machine. It’s a live feed just like in Vegas. Not a slot machine but something else. Deactivated slot machines must play if the slot machine and casino wants to show the games to the public. Deactivated means the game is not there. It will be moved to a collection and sent in to be re-activated. It’s not a real big loss – I mean the odds are really bad but what’s the worst thing to happen?

Online Casino Canada

Does the player hit a jackpot in this game?

I’ve got a question. Yesterday, I was playing Blackjack and I got dealt a full house with a big casino fortune! When I went back to the casino’s site to see if any gambler had a similar hand the site was deactivated. But the Blackjack dealer went on with the game as if nothing happened! Last night I tried to play the slot machine at the same casino and got the same results. As I see it, there were two possibilities:. The slot machine could have been deactivated, or the casino just did not want to show the game on the public site. After 12 days, is it legit to ask. The customer service is shit at this casino!

Online Casino Canada

Can I find out which casino wants to cover up this game? How?

The online chat is even more shit. I tried to talk to their live support team. The live support team doesn’t care at all. They treated the casino differently than me. They were rude, rude and rude. I did not care. I want to know if the game is still running and who is the casino and who is playing it. The casino site is obviously deactivated, so I don’t have to play it at all. But the live chat service is up.

Online Casino Canada

Where is slot machine jackpots site – Bestonlinecasino.com!

I noticed this game is still there at Blue Nile. Do you think it’s legit? The site is down for me. The chat isn’t as bad as I’m used

Online Casino Canada

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