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The Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD is the primary police agency for the City of Los Angeles in Los Angeles County, California.


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The LAPD was established on July 10, 1847, after California was granted statehood. The early LAPD wore short-brimmed hats that were curved at the top, which evolved into a flat brim. During the 1850s, the LAPD was deployed in riverboats, making them first responders for incidents on riverboats. By the mid-1850s, the LAPD’s importance began to grow; by 1858, this led to the formation of the Los Angeles Police Reserve.

The Los Angeles Police Department was created by signing an agreement with the United States Army on July 10, 1847, and was constituted on July 1, 1848, although the department’s funds were not appropriated by Congress until September 10, 1849. The LAPD wore the standard blue uniform until 1881, when they adopted the standard dress that they wear today.

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In the late 1880s, Mayor Tom C. Fall was instrumental in persuading Congress to pass federal legislation establishing the District of Columbia’s local police force.

On May 1, 1908, the LAPD took charge of all city police operations after the governing body of Los Angeles, the Common Council, disbanded the “Terminating Force“, a group of mounted policemen organized in 1852 to suppress rowdy behavior in the downtown area. The Terminating Force was reorganized under two police commissioners, enforcing a city ordinance providing for a street commission. In 1893, Los Angeles enacted its own police commission system, then in 1909, the commission was replaced by the City Council and Mayor Frank Shaw. The City Council reformed the LAPD, and the officer’s dress uniform was changed.

During the 1920s, the LAPD was seen as a pro-family, pro-vice-militarism organization. The department was the first in the country to implement a paid lunch hour in response to growing concerns about violence, and they were the first police force to acquire their own motorcycles. The department’s policy during this period was

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